The business relocations are now our responsibility to save your time and nerves and trust professionals letting us do what we know perfect in Newport Beach. The services are popular in Newport Beach, we would accomplish the transportation of your office furniture with pleasure and care about the items. Here is a complete list of what we do:

  1. We calculate the cost of transportation in your case at the very beginning
  2. We define how many workers do we need and how many vehicles may be required
  3. The next stage is planning and dividing furniture, technical equipment, computers 
  4. Packing of the things with the use of special mover equipment
  5. Loading the furniture on the trucks in Newport Beach
  6. Accomplishing of transportation to the point of destination
  7. Unloading the items
  8. We provide insurance for the clients to ensure the full compensation in case of any damage or loss

Commercial moving services

We have a question here. Try to remember if there is any person in your company who has the moving of office belongings among his responsibilities. Does anybody come to mind? We bet nobody. Then who should take care of packing boxes, explaining people, where are their writing desks, scheduling the procedure, informing workers and so on? Mostly this type of work is put on assistants, who have no idea what are wrapping materials and where should they find a store with them, how to make a deal with drivers, and how not to fail running several days from one spot to another and to try to fix problems. We propose a solution to this problem in Newport Beach. There are special teams dedicated to different types of moving, and there is the one put at commercial moving. 

Commercial movers near me

So Newport Beach is definitely the best idea when the day is coming and you have no idea where to get vehicles, packing and wrapping materials and people, who would assemble and load, then unload and make the things in order on the new place. Let`s start planning your commercial mover help today!